Bad Breath Treatment

What is bad breath? Bad breath (halitosis) is unpleasant or foul-smelling breath commonly caused by sulphur-producing bacteria found inhabiting dead and decaying areas in our mouth and upper digestive tract. Examples of these are dental cavities, gum pockets, diseased gums, impacted wisdom teeth, mouth ulcers and tonsils. 

Bad breath can also be associated with dry mouth due to various medical conditions and odorous foods such as chicken rice with fresh garlic chilli sauce and the “infamous” durians.

How can we cure bad breath? The key lies in making the correct diagnosis. Our dentists will examine your mouth thoroughly to look for oral causes of bad breath.  Appropriate treatment will be advised for each individual directed at the cause of bad breath. Patients will be taught how to maintain a fresh breath and if required, be prescribed effective oral hygiene products.