Orthodontics (Braces)

This is the science of straightening natural teeth. Among the many methods that can straighten teeth are:

Invisilign™  – Computerised and digitally designed.  Invisible wrap around appliance that straightens while you eat, sleep and talk with them.

Fast or Smart Clip™ by 3M Braces – Minimally sized braces which are friction free by employing a special design with a clip instead of the usual rubber modules.  This enables faster movement of teeth while minimising pain and discomfort.

Clarity Braces – Tooth colored braces which blend in with the background so that they are not obvious.  Time trusted method of cosmetic braces.

Traditional braces – Metal brackets which are bonded onto teeth and a series of custom-made wire arches which gradually align the teeth into their new positions.

Some patients may require the extraction of teeth in the course of their orthodontic treatment.  Please do consult our specialist orthodontist with all your questions before deciding on your course of treatment.