If you work for the Human Resource or Marketing Department of your company, you may have been tasked to look into providing benefits for your staff or clients. Sunshine Dental is a one-stop dental centre which can take care of your people’s dental needs. Call us to explore how we can work together to help you meet your goals. As our corporate client, you can make dental care more accessible for the people you value.

Caring for your staff

Do you know that gum disease has been linked to many medical conditions including heart disease? Or that premature loss of teeth can lead to premature aging? Many companies provide general healthcare subsidies but not dental benefits. Why dental benefits? With your staff’s dental health and hygiene well taken care of, the returns are manifold. Not only will your staff feel and work better, they will look better, helping to enhance your corporate image. We will be happy to discuss attractive packages for your company.

Caring for your Clients or Members

As a forward-looking company or club, you want to reward your clients or members with many attractive perks. Often overlooked in health and wellness packages, a good dental health programme will go a long way in improving your client’s overall well-being. A healthy set of teeth will ensure that your clients eat well, speak well, look good and feel even better! Call us to explore how we can help add value to your clients’ lives!

For enquiries, please contact us at cust_svc@sunshinedental.com.sg