3D Dental CT with Facial Scanner

State-of-the-art technology at its best…3D Cone-beam CT with Facial Scanner!

Taking the idea of minimum radiation, maximum benefit to the patient, this machine shoots the X-rays in a 3D cone beam (CB) and in pulses rather than constant radiation. This allows us to see dental and facial structures no longer in a 2D format but in full-colour 3D format in real-life 1:1 ratios, with no magnification error!

Our patients can now see and understand their specific wisdom teeth situation or why their facial profile can be significantly affected by loss of dental structures. Conditions not visible in 2D X-rays are now obvious in 3D, allowing earlier treatment, thus minimizing surrounding tissue damage. Moreover, excellent visualization and accurate measurements eliminates guesswork and facilitates highly successful implant placements.

With the Promax 3D Proface Machine, we can offer our patients more accurate diagnosis, detailed treatment planning and even better treatment outcomes!