Airflow™ Scaling & Polishing

Airflow™ is an air polishing & cleaning system which uses air, water, and sodium bicarbonate powder to remove external stains, dental plaque and soft debris while simultaneously polishing tooth surfaces.

At Sunshine Dental, we choose Airflow™ over the conventional polishing cup because we believe that airflow:

  • Cleans more thoroughly
  • Is less abrasive
  • Cleans off plaque, soft deposits and stains quickly and painlessly - even for areas that are difficult to reach using a polishing cup.


Plaque is found on the surface of a tooth, both above and under the gum margin. When plaque is not removed, it will start to harden and tartar (hardened stone) will be formed.

As bacteria is present in plaque and tartar, it is important to go for regular cleaning every 4-6 monthly to prevent gum diseases.