When you smile, are you self-conscious about crooked, ugly or missing teeth?

When you first meet someone, you have only 3 seconds to make a great impression.  Your teeth reveal your personal hygiene and your smile reflects your friendliness and confidence. Hence, a beautiful smile is truly a wonderful asset! A full set of straight white teeth will make you look years younger and far more attractive and self-assured. Self-consciousness about your smile can become a thing of the past!

At Sunshine Dental, we believe that everyone deserves to have a brilliant smile. If you do not like what nature bestowed upon you, you can change your look with aesthetic dentistry! Our cosmetic dental surgeon, Dr JonPaul Seah and his associates, will show you what treatment best meets your requirements, lifestyle and budget.

Our smile makeovers have radically transformed the appearance of many of our patients, giving them a tremendous boost in self-esteem and confidence. It has been our great joy and privilege to partake in each individual’s life-changing process!