In the last decade or two, there have been many advances in the field of dentistry. As forward-looking practitioners who want the best for our patients, the team at Sunshine Dental is always looking for creative ways to employ the latest technology to give our patients painless and effective treatments . Among the latest technology that we have invested in are:

  • The latest Kavo Key 3+ laser
  • Instant 12-megapixel digital photography where patients can have a clear view of their oral health status and work with our dentists to come up with the best solutions to fit their budget and needs
  • Dental chairs fitted with iMacs that can display photographs and X-rays, for  dental education and treatment planning as well as entertainment
  • OPG Scanner (full mouth x-rays)
  • 3D Cone-beam CT & Facial Scanner
  • Use of Platelet-rich Fibrin to promote surgical wound healing