At Sunshine Dental, we aim not just to solve your immediate dental issues but to help you achieve the smile that you really want. Our dentists and therapists patiently seek to understand your lifestyle and find out how this affects your oral health and hygiene. We will provide the necessary information and encourage you to give up habits which are harmful to your dental and overall wellness.

The result will be a healthier you with a brighter smile. We will also share oral health tips with everyone. For every new patient, we offer a comprehensive oral examination and diagnosis package for only $30. It provides thorough insights on your current state of dental health and is good value for money.

    • Thorough oral examination and diagnosis includes:
    • Photographic documentation
    • an informative and low-radiation full-mouth x-ray (at additional cost, if necessary)
    • a photographic (and x-ray, where applicable)  tour of the patient’s oral cavity presented by our friendly and approachable dental surgeons and therapists on hi-resolution 27-inch iMacs
    • a full dental treatment plan to restore optimal dental health and improve aesthetics (where applicable)
    • Detailed discussion about the patient’s dental needs and issues