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A well-rested, comfortable and calm child has the best chance of being a joyful dental patient! It thus helps very much to schedule your child’s visit when he is well-rested. It is vital that you avoid nap times! A tired little child may become very cranky and dental treatment can become very difficult if not impossible.


Hungry children are not usually the happiest of children. Time his dental visit 1-2 hours after a light meal.  Avoid heavy meals during the period leading up to the visit as the child may retch and throw up.


A flustered child is usually an unsettled child. Children do best when they arrive at the clinic well ahead of their appointment; we recommend at least 15 minutes. This allows them time to get used to the new environment and get comfortable. *Encourage them to explore the toys and books in our playroom. This will help them relax; an important factor for a happy visit! If your child is coming for the first time, come 20 -30 minutes before the scheduled appointment. This will give you time to settle him/ her in the playroom before you proceed with first time registration which can take about 10 minutes.


We generally recommend bringing young children in during the day time. It is also best to avoid peak periods such as weekends and the end December crush. Crowded clinics means that our kid-friendly dentists have less time to give your children the tender loving care they deserve!

Check out the following link about Children’s dentistry.

*We apologise that our playroom has been emptied of its toys and books since the start of the pandemic. This is to reduce the risk of viral transmission through high touch items. Please bring along toys and books your child enjoys to keep him/her entertained while waiting his/ her turn. It is still important to come with time to spare so your child will not feel flustered and anxious.


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