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Most people are not aware that crooked teeth are not simply a cosmetic issue. On the contrary, they can lead to many dental issues, many of them resulting from poor oral hygiene as crooked teeth are harder to access during brushing and flossing, leading to dental caries,  gum infection and bad breath. Moreover, poor contact between teeth (malocclusion) can lead to speech and chewing issues. In the long term, a bad bite leads to uneven wear and tear of teeth and can result in headaches and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems.

Straightening out your teeth makes it easier for you to maintain good oral hygiene. It is easier for you to pronounce your words without lisping, chew your food properly and maintain good nutrition. Of course, straight teeth also make you look more attractive and can boost your self-esteem and confidence!

Check out the following link for methods of straightening your teeth! 


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