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Visiting Us

What can I expect on my first visit to the dentist?

Please arrive 15min before the scheduled appointment time for registration. 

Bring along the following :

  • For identification : NRIC, birth certificate (for children), work permit or passport 
  • For subsidies : CHAS/ PG/ Merdeka card / CDA
  • Insurance Policy Cardholders : AIA /IHP / DA Adept card

You will be guided to fill an electronic registration form on a tablet. Please fill in your contact details and your medical and drug allergy history. Ladies, please let us know if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Our dentists need to be informed of your medical status as they can impact your treatment options and medications prescribed. Our friendly Customer Service staff will be on hand to assist you where needed.

In view of the current COVID-19 pandemic, you will be required to follow some additional procedures upon arrival. To find out more, please check out the next question in our FAQ section. 

During the consultation, you can expect :

  • A discussion about your dental concerns
  • Detailed oral examination and oral cancer screening
  • Intraoral photography (for adults) for showing and educating you
  • Digital X-ray : for diagnostic or screening purposes
  • Education about your current oral health and hygiene
  • Education about treatment options for dental conditions if relevant
  • A professional clean (Scaling and Polishing) only if time permits

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What changes can I expect in view of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Many changes have been made to step up our infection control procedures. They include clinical and non-clinical precautions and procedures involving team members, patients and visitors. We have also installed air purifiers in the waiting room and all treatment rooms to filter the air you breathe. Check out the following link to find out more about “what does it mean for us to be COVID-19 ready?” 

The changes you may notice the most are the ones which will impact your arrival experience. For the safety of all, we will need you to do the following :

  • Please scan the QR code displayed outside the clinic to access our electronic health screening. Please complete one form for each person, whether patient or companion. You can request for a physical form if preferred. The form is deliberately detailed for your own protection. Thank you for answering it carefully. 
  • Please press the doorbell for assistance. 
  • Our Customer Service will check your temperature. 
  • If there are no contraindications, you will be brought into our waiting room where you will need to check in with “TraceTogether SafeEntry”. Alternatively, you can get your “TraceTogether” token scanned. 

This is followed by our regular registration procedures.

Why does the clinic need to know about my medical history?

This information is crucial for your safety and well-being as medical conditions can impact your dental treatment options and outcomes. Some medical conditions necessitate premedication before dental procedures. Our dentists also need to know your drug allergies so they can avoid prescribing those medications. Ladies, for the safety of your unborn child or lactating newborn, please let us know if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. 

What can I do to help my child have a positive dental visit?

It is best to schedule the visit when your child is well-rested and alert, neither due for a nap nor immediately post-nap and groggy. Ensure that he has had a light meal in the last couple of hours. Arrive at least 15 minutes before the appointment so he has time to get used to the environment. If it is your child’s first visit, come even earlier so you have time to settle him in the playroom before getting the registration done. Make full use the amenities in the playroom and reception lounge to keep your child happy and relaxed.

*We apologise that our playroom has been emptied of its toys and books since the start of the pandemic. This is to reduce the risk of viral transmission through high touch items.

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What can I expect for my child’s first visit to the dentist?

The aim of your child’s first dental visit should be a positive and happy experience so that she looks forward to returning! Your child is introduced to the fun equipment in the treatment room. The dentist will approach her gently, checking on the teeth for any active dental issues. If she is good to continue, the dentist may proceed with dental cleaning. It is not uncommon that only a few teeth are cleaned at the first visit, as we will be guided by your child. This number will increase with each visit. 

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Why can’t the dentist fix my child’s dental problem in one visit?

It is certainly possible to fix your child’s dental problem in one visit, provided he is calm and cooperative! However, it is very important not to traumatise your child by forcing him into compliance, particularly with the first few dental visits. You may win the battle but lose the war as your child may develop a dental phobia or resistance which may take many years to overcome. 

What modes of payment are accepted at Sunshine Dental?

We accept the following modes of payment :

  • Cash
  • NETS
  • Credit card
  • PayNow & PayLah!
  • GrabPay 
  • CDA card
  • Medisave 
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Amex
Can I use the CDA card to make payment?

Yes, you can use your child’s CDA (Child Development Account) card to pay for his/ her treatment. Alternatively, the sibling’s card can also be used.

Do you accept instalment payments?

UOB credit card holders have the option of payment through interest-free instalments. This will apply to payment amounts of $500 and above.

Can I use my Dental Insurance to pay for treatment at the clinic?

Personal Dental Insurance 

Personal Dental Insurance coverage is policy-dependent. Do check with your insurance agent on your dental eligibility and coverage. You will be required to pay standard clinic charges for services provided on the day of treatment and then seek reimbursement with your insurer subsequently.


Corporate Dental Insurance

Some companies take on Corporate Dental Insurance policies to offer dental care to their employees. Sunshine Dental is a partner of several corporate insurance providers and listed on their dental panels. 

Kindly inform us when booking your appointment if you are eligible under the Corporate Dental Insurance plans. Eligible patients are to present the corporate dental membership card (or e-card) upon registration on the day of appointment. 

Eligible patients will not need to make any payment for dental services listed under the insurance coverage plan. Treatments not covered under the company’s dental plan or treatment costs exceeding the company’s coverage will be fully borne by the patient.

Dental coverage is based on each company’s dental insurance plan and so varies from one company to another. Please check with your company’s HR personnel or call us to find out more on your eligibility and coverage.


Our corporate insurance providers are as follows :  

  •       AIA
  •       AIVIVA
  •       AON Care
  •       EQ Insurance
  •       Great Eastern
  •       Integrated Health Plan
  •       Fullerton Health Group
  •       Tokio Marine
  •       Wellnex
  •       DA Adept
What government subsidy cards do you recognise?

We recognise CHAS, Merdeka Generation and Pioneer Generation (PG) cards. Please produce your valid CHAS/ Merdeka Generation / PG card upon registration at each visit to our clinic. You also need to bring your photo ID for verification eg. NRIC card for adults and birth certificate or student pass for those below the age of 15 years.

Does your clinic accept Medisave payments?

Yes, we do. Sunshine Dental is accredited by the MOH (Ministry of Health) and CPF (Central Provident Fund). This means that our patients who are Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents may be able to claim part of their surgical fees from their CPF Medisave account.

Medisave claims can only be used for dental surgical procedures such as wisdom tooth removal surgery, implant surgery, bone grafts and sinus lifts. Majority of dental procedures do not fall into this category and are thus not Medisave claimable. If you do not have a Medisave account or your Medisave balance is insufficient to cover the dental bill, you can use the Medisave accounts of immediate family members, namely your spouse, parents, siblings or child. Medisave withdrawal limits apply.

Why do I have to pay the “Sterilisation and Disposables” fee at every visit?

“Sterilisation and Disposables” refer to items we use for infection control such as gowns, gloves, surgical masks, disposable cups and bibs, disinfectant, autoclaving paper/ pouches, disposable needles and syringes etc. Our infection control procedures help greatly to prevent the spread of germs from one patient to another, hence protecting you against infectious diseases such as Hepatitis B and AIDSs. Whereas we previously absorbed the expenses incurred for Sterilization and Disposables, we are no longer able to do so due to rising costs and so need to charge these fees.

Why do dentists take photographs?

A picture speaks a thousand words. Our dentists take photographs of the insides of our patients’ mouths so they can show and educate them about the status of their oral health. The purpose is to empower patients to make well-informed decisions about dental care and treatment. Serial photographs can also alert dentists to progressive dental conditions such as enamel erosion due to teeth grinding or even oral cancer. Extraoral dental photos are useful for demonstrating and discussion of aesthetic dental concerns.

Your photographs are part of your private and confidential medico-dental records. They are strictly not for commercial purposes. Dental photography comes free with your regular consultation fee and is an indispensable tool for patient education.  

Why do dentists at Sunshine Dental carry large cameras?

Our dentists use good quality high-resolution SLR cameras because such cameras allow them to see the teeth and gums with far greater clarity and detail than micro-USB intra-oral probes. This is important for accurate diagnosis of dental conditions. It also facilitates patient education and discussion.

Why do I need a dental x-ray?

Your dentist may order an x-ray if he suspects a dental problem deep inside your teeth and gums which are hidden from plain sight. 

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What are panoramic x-rays for?

Panoramic x-rays are an important part of a comprehensive dental examination. They allow your dentist to see all your teeth, their surrounding tissue and the jaw bones in one single image. As such, they are useful screening tools, enabling the detection of asymptomatic dental issues hidden beneath the gum line. Panoramic x-rays are also used in treatment planning; they facilitate safe wisdom tooth and implant surgery and accurate planning for braces therapy. 

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Why did my dentist order a CT scan for me?

A computed tomography scan (CT scan) is a three-dimensional image taken of dental structures, soft tissues, nerves and craniofacial bones. It is used in situations where the information provided by regular single tooth or panoramic x-rays is insufficient for precise surgical planning. Examples of such procedures are complex wisdom tooth surgery and implant surgery.

What is so special about cone beam CT?

Cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) is an advanced imaging modality that is used in dental and maxillofacial imaging. It is highly accurate and can provide three-dimensional volumetric data in several planes. Radiation exposure dose from CBCT is 10 times less than from conventional CT scans. 

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How much radiation am I exposed to when taking dental x-rays?

You are exposed to very low levels of radiation with dental x-rays. Radiation from x-rays in dental clinics are only a fraction of this daily environmental radiation dose, ranging from one-tenth for a single tooth plain x-ray to four-tenths for a digital full mouth x-ray to seven-tenths the daily environmental radiation dose for a small volume CT scan. Digital x-rays and cone-beam CT scans are technologies which further reduce radiation doses.

Do you offer general anaesthesia for surgery?

Yes, we do. The great majority of our patients undergo wisdom tooth and implant surgery under local anaesthesia . Our dentists will numb the surgical area so they can perform painless surgery. 

If you are nervous, nitrous oxide sedation is available in-house. If you still prefer to sleep soundly through your dental procedure, arrangements can be made for our experienced dental surgeon to perform your surgical procedure in one of the day surgery centers. This option is much more costly as additional charges for anaesthetic fees and day surgery center usage will apply.

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