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Whatever happened to my dental appointments in 2020?

Why is it so difficult to make or keep my dental appointment nowadays?

Due to the risk of aerosol transmission in dental clinics, the Ministry of Health (MOH) mandated very strict guidelines for dental clinics during the Circuit Breaker. During the two months, all dental clinics were only permitted to treat healthy non-smoker patients in severe pain or at severe risk of infection. The rationale was to minimise the risk of people getting infected with COVID-19 when leaving the safety of their homes. This meant that we could not see the overwhelming majority of our patients.


During Phase 2, MOH mandated a 15 minute ventilation period between all dental appointments. This was to facilitate ventilation of the dental treatment rooms and to allow more time for team members to disinfect the rooms thoroughly in between patients. Ventilation times meant that we could not serve as many patients as we used to. We were thus forced to reschedule many of your appointments, some of which were made a few months earlier. For some of you, this meant not one but several postponements, the first having taken place during the Circuit Breaker. This rule was only lifted on 28 Dec 2020 with the start of Phase 3. 


We fully understand that you went through a very frustrating 2020 and sincerely apologise for the inconvenience you went through. Please be assured that your safety is our top priority. We are fully committed to keeping everyone safe at Sunshine Dental, even if it comes at a high price. Thank you so much for your kind understanding, patience and support!

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