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What does it mean for us to be COVID-19 ready?


In view of the escalating severity of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sunshine Dental has taken stricter than ever infection control and safe-distancing measures to safeguard the health of our team members and patients.

Here is a list of what you can expect when you visit us nowadays.

1.  Health and temperature screening before entry into the clinic premises

Besides checking all patients and accompanying individuals for any symptoms of illness and recent travel history, we also screen for close contact with COVID-19 patients and individuals who are on Medical Leave, Quarantine Order and Stay Home Notice. So, you can be rest assured that everyone you interact with in the clinic has a low risk of infection.

2. Safe physical distancing measures

We only allow up to 10 people in the reception area at any one time to minimise crowding.

3. Removal of potential fomites 

Closure of the playroom and removal of all books and magazines to reduce contact with contaminated surfaces.

4. Stringent infection control measures

In addition to our usual PPE, we now wear face shields to protect against droplets and splatter. All dentists and nurses wear N95 masks to protect against aerosol exposure. All non-clinical staff have been wearing surgical masks since Feb 2020. 

All patients who are able to cooperate are requested to gargle for a minute with an antiviral and antibacterial mouthwash immediately prior to treatment. During treatment, high vacuum suction is used so we can have the best chance of removing any aerosol produced at its source. 

As before, all dental instruments are sterilised after use and clinical equipment are disinfected between patients. Nowadays, non-clinical surfaces are also disinfected regularly, including high-touch surfaces at the reception area. Hand sanitisers are also made readily available to all staff, patients and visitors.

We have installed air purifiers with HEPA filters and UV light sterilisation in all treatment rooms, our waiting room and staff areas so we can feel secure breathing filtered air which is changed about 4 times an hour. 

The whole team, including non-clinical staff, check on their health status twice a day and wash their hands frequently. Our team meetings and monthly in-house training have been shifted online since March 2020. We take staggered meal breaks and limit unmasked interactions at mealtimes to less than half an hour. We even have acrylic boards up in our pantries! Everyone in our team uses the Trace Together app so we can keep one another safe even as we go about our daily interactions outside the workplace. 

Above are just some of the precautions we are taking to guard against COVID-19. You can be rest assured that at Sunshine Dental, your safety is our TOP PRIORITY!

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