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Laser Dentistry

Lasers are modern, safe and effective tools used for a wide range of dental procedures. They  may be used with other dental instruments to achieve optimal results.

Dental lasers work by producing an intense beam of light energy at the tip of the device. When this light energy is directed at a specific spot in the mouth, the laser can shape or remove hard and soft tissue as desired.  

The benefits of lasers in dentistry include: 

  • Reduction of bacterial and viral load
  • Scar-free wound healing
  • Less swelling, inflammation and post-operative pain.
  • Shorter recovery time

Indications for laser dentistry include:

  • Replacing conventional surgical blades during operations, resulting in blood-free incisions and a sterile surgical site
  • Treating gingival pockets
  • Decontaminating root canals
  • Uncovering dental implants
  • Setting clear preparation margins for impressions and scans
  • Treating tooth hypersensitivity 
  • Promoting wound healing  


The SiroLaser Blue is the first dental diode laser worldwide with blue, infrared and red wavelengths. This means that the laser intensity can be varied to perform different procedures. 


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